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Lakeside R&D was founded by an all-star team experienced in starting and scaling software companies. Our R&D division delivers robust and future-proof solutions that are free from technical debt and designed for scaling well into the future.

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Technical Advisory

As advisors we help guarantee that your team is always working on the most important problems. We help you plan your OKRs and roadmaps and advise on tactical decisions like architecture and recruitment. Our advisors are all C-Level professionals with proven track records.

When your team becomes stretched, we can also help deliver research, solution architecture and process automation. Our consultants have decades of experience in software and system design and have built systems which scale to millions of transactions per hour.

We operate an experienced development team staffed with the best talent. Our development services employ the latest technologies and tooling, and deliver award-winning solutions.


OKR & Roadmap planning, + resources
& org charts.

tactical ADVISORY

Architecture review and planning, process design, recruitment.

RENt a cto

Combines both strategic and tactical activities as an interim CTO solution.


Our consulting clients are successful software companies transitioning from a startup culture to a scale-up enterprise. This process often includes massive growth in both users and team size. The transition involves some well known risks and pain-points which can be addressed with the right mix of people, technology and process.

solution architecture

Cloud migrations, Kubernetes, software architecture and data modeling.

Process implementation

Lean, Agile, QA, CI / CD, ITIL

recruitment & setup

Org charts, candidate profiling, team formation

Software & System

Software development is what we know best. Our all-star engineering team live and breathe technology and their work impacts millions of users around the world.

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"Scaling a tech business is exciting but it can also lead to fatigue. The people from Lakeside helped us address several key risks which made the whole process much less stressful."

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