Mobile App Development

Unprecedented Reach

Developing a mobile app is more than just a great way to engage with consumers. Mobile apps are making their way into the workplace and are increasingly used to solve real-world business problems (in addition to making cat sounds).

We create highly usable mobile apps that are custom-designed to reflect your brand and values. Our apps are backed by scalable data-services which integrate with your existing systems and databases to deliver the full power of a mobile computing experience while maintaining a unified reporting interface.

Tried and tested methodology

Advances in modern UI frameworks make it possible to create hybrid apps that work on both Android and iOS devices. This approach effectively halves development time and cost of ownership, while sacrificing nothing when it comes to user experience.


Due to the limited screen real-estate and input methods, mobile apps have to be specially designed. Mistakes at the design stage result in poor user experience (UX) and failed user adoption.

Our mobile development team includes a dedicated UX designer who works with you and the tech-lead to translate your vision into a highly engaging and easy to use product.


Few organisations develop mobile apps that do nothing. Mobile apps invariably have a server-side component which persists data and allows you to administer users and generate reports.

Because we're not just a mobile app development company we also have the expertise to develop server-side components that are fast, secure and cost-effective.


Mobile apps can be tricky to collaborate on as every change requires a fresh build and install of the app. Our unique process allows clients to install a special development version of the app which reflects all changes in real-time without the need to install updates and report version numbers as part of testing.

Simply put, we are all looking at the same version of the app and we all see the latest changes all the time.

Native Performance

Slow, sluggish mobile interfaces result in poor usability and adoption. Our apps are guaranteed to perform well on a variety of mobile devices including low-end devices and old phones.

Native apps go a step further to emulate your phone's operating system look and feel so your users already know how to interract with your new app.

Back-office Included as standard

Your new mobile app is likely more than just a set of static pages. You will need a place to manage users, send push notifications and generate reports.

Our apps include a back-office web component which you can be access via any desktop browser for easier office use.

User Management

Invite users, manage permissions and block accounts. If you don't already have a user management system we will deliver one with your app. You can access user management features from your desktop browser for easy office use


Our back-office lets you communicate with your mobile app users via push notifications.


Generate insightful reports to further adoption and gain valuable business intelligence.

Start The Adventure

"The way that the team concerned themselves with even the smallest detail and accommodating GROW’s requirements to build and complete the the iGrow App is second to none. You and your team made the journey of project management, design, development, testing and launching the app such an enjoyable journey"

Jaco Vanniekerk
Business Systems Manager @ GROW Australia

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