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We have a unique and progressive approach to helping our clients grow and scale. It involves a mix of advisory, design and software development, giving you firm guarantees that your project delivers on its objectives and ROI.

Custom SOFTWARE Development

We help public institutions, NGOs and social impact startups build award-winning apps and ERP systems that are secure and designed for scaling. We handle all stages of the design and development process collaboratively and tailor solutions to your business objectives.

CTO Advisory

Product, People, Process & Technology. We help ensure that your development team or IT department always focuses on the most important problems. We develop effective strategies to sustain high-growth scale-ups by acting as interim CTOs or board advisors.


Fast-track your IT strategy. We help you plan critical projects and build high-performance teams. We can guide your management team through funding rounds, due diligence and acquisitions. We also work with social impact investors to vet projects and evaluate technology and teams.

Platform Development

Our engineering team delivers robust and battle-tested solutions used by 500+ client developers for rapid application development. Our platform delivers best practices and industry standards out of the box and will fast-track your journey to market, compliance and certification.

Lakeside R&D Team

Lakeside R&D was founded by a team of international experts with over 20 years of experience in delivering innovation and excellence at scale. We see software development as an inherently human activity and are obsessive about design and customer-collaboration. Our engineering teams are lead by accomplished tech-leaders and we only hire developers who are truly inspired by social impact of technology.

Vladimir Cvejanovic

Director, Cofounder and Experienced CTO advisor and System Architect.

Milos Paunovic

Lead Frontend developer with a passion for flawless user experience and pixel-perfect execution.

Sasa Stojkovic

Lead Engineer, Scrum Master and Domain Driven Design champion.

Jasen Brtka

Lead platform developer specialising in web service architecture and data scaling.

Aleksa Radosavljevic

Mobile and web application engineer and UI interaction expert.

Igor Milanovic

Lead UI designer and UX expert with a background in design and branding.


Join our team and learn the secret to a long, meaningful and fulfilling career in tech.

Sanja Cvejanovic

Graphics designer with years of experience in digital design and publishing.

Our Clients:

"Working with you and your team was a privilege. The way that the team concerned themselves with even the smallest detail and accommodating GROW’s requirements to build and complete the the iGrow App is second to none. You and your team made the journey of project management, design, development, testing and launching the app such an enjoyable journey that I feel sad to leave. Thank you for your insight, instruction and direction guiding GROW every step of the way."

Jaco Vanniekerk
Business Systems Manager @ GROW Australia

"Lakeside is ran by people incredibly knowledgeable about the business, HR, operational, architectural and infrastructural sides of IT. We’ve reached out to them when our company was going through a rough patch due to an abrupt growth in all areas, and a lot of scalability issues throughout. They helped us to build our QA and TechOps department in just a few weeks. They’ve helped us with building a streamlined DevOps methodology throughout the organization. Last and more importantly, they assessed our systems and operations and guided us throughout the migration of our on-premise system to the cloud. You don’t need to repeat other people’s mistakes – you just need a good IT partner like Lakeside to tell you how to avoid them."

Clyde Farrugia •
CTO @ Betagy


Prior to starting Lakeside R&D our founders worked as leaders in a number of software companies and tech startups. During their long careers they weren't always successful. They made mistakes and learned to ask for help from their advisors. We continue this tradition by helping other companies grow and scale by sharing our experience and advice on tech strategy and engineering management. Our portfolio of tech advisory clients includes industry leading SaaS vendors, public institutions and investment funds.

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Software Development

Lakeside engineers create engaging and scalable products that are fit for purpose and defect free.

Our team, tools and process are battle-tested and guarantee to deliver on time and on budget. Our software development clients value us for our efficiency and commitment to excellence.

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