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TheLittleLoop makes Dragon's Den History

When we set out to build a new recommence platform for TheLittleLoop our primary motivation was to help make a dent in the fast-fashion industry a major source of pollution, waste and exploitation around the world. Since then The LittleLoop's mission has gone from possible to inevitable as described by one of BBCs Dragons Steven Bartlett .

Find out more about TheLittleLoop and how they made Dragon's Den history in this extraordinary TV debut.

Our Services

We build mission-critical solutions for education, health and environment. Our clients are social impact startups, charities and public institutions.

Mobile AppS

We design and build engaging mobile apps that work equally well on Android and iOS. Our apps solve real-world problems and are backed by high availability web services and reporting backends. We handle all stages of the design and development process collaboratively and tailor solutions to your impact objectives.

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The web browser is where work happens. It's also the best place to engage with your customers and collaborate with your staff and stakeholders. Our web apps are secure, standards compliant and low-maintenance. We use pay-per-use hosting solutions like AWS and Azure, giving you commercial-grade performance at a cost proportional to your traffic.

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BUSINESS IntelLigence and reporting

We build custom information systems to help automate your core business processes. Our solutions provide audit and business intelligence to your board and funding partners. Say good bye to messy spreadsheets and missed emails. Your core processes are too important to be left out of your digitalisation strategy. Lakeside makes owning your own ERP possible and affordable by leveraging advances in cloud computing and open source dev tools.

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Fast-track your digitalization strategy and become truly data-driven. We help you plan critical projects and build high-performance teams. We guide startups through funding rounds, due diligence and acquisitions. We also work with social impact investors to vet projects and evaluate technology and teams.

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Our Clients:

The way that the team concerned themselves with even the smallest detail and accommodating GROW’s requirements to build and complete the the iGrow App is second to none. They made the journey of project management, design, development, testing and launching the app such an enjoyable journey Thank you for your insight, instruction and direction guiding GROW every step of the way.

Jaco van Niekerk
Business Systems Manager
GROW Australia

Lakeside is ran by people incredibly knowledgeable about the business, HR, operational, architectural and infrastructural sides of IT. We’ve reached out to them when our company was going through a rough patch due to an abrupt growth in all areas, and a lot of scalability issues throughout. They helped us to build our QA and TechOps department in just a few weeks. They’ve helped us with building a streamlined DevOps methodology throughout the organization. Last and more importantly, they assessed our systems and operations and guided us throughout the migration of our on-premise system to the cloud. You don’t need to repeat other people’s mistakes – you just need a good IT partner like Lakeside to tell you how to avoid them.

Clyde Furrugia
Chief Technology Officer

Our Clients:

TheLittleLoop Re-commerce Platform

Tackling the environmental impact of the fashion industry TheLittleLoop is disrupting traditional business models by using data to make clothing rental more affordable for consumers and more profitable for brands.

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Arility Safety Education Platform

Arility is an award-winning education platform for schools. It delivers engaging safety education content medium of Augmented Reality.

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GROW Australia Peer-support groups for mental health

GROW is a community-based organisation that has helped thousands of Australians with their recovery from mental ill-health.

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Custom Business Software

Your team can't do their best work if they're drowning in spreadsheets and emails. 90% of business leaders say their productivity tripled once they digitalised their core business processes and did away with repetitive manual tasks.

  • Our solutions are effective and affordable even for startups and non-proffits. This is made possible by recent advances in cloud computing and our own rapid application development platform.
  • Browser-based UIs are easy to use and accessible from anywhere. Your data is kept safe and secure on Azure or Amazon infrastructure.
  • Our team, tools and process are battled tested and guarantee to deliver on-time and on-budget. We offer fixed-price contracts to ensure you meet your business objectives.
  • We integrate with your existing tools and systems like Active Directory, Power BI, Stripe, Mailchimp, JIRA...
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B2B SaaS

SaaS founders trust us as their technical partner. We architect solutions and fast-track MVP delivery. Software as a Service has disrupted industry for over a decade and we were there every step of the way.

In addition to R&D we also act as board advisors and management consultants helping SaaS companies get funded, scale and prosper. Read more about our Advisory service.

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  1. Define Business Objectives
  2. Formulate Technical Strategy
  3. Roadmap & Prioritisation
  4. MVP and Fundraising
  5. Costing and Budget Advice

We run a pro-bono advisory for social-impact projects and early-stage startups. We can help founders avoid common mistakes and make the most of their seed-funding.


In their previous lives our founders worked as leaders in a number of software companies and tech startups. During their long careers they weren't always successful. They made mistakes and learned to ask for help from their advisors. We continue this tradition by helping other companies grow and scale by sharing our experience and advice on tech strategy and engineering management. Our portfolio of tech advisory clients includes industry leading SaaS vendors, public institutions and investment funds.

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